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Why We're Different

"We are not an institution. We are not a factory."

John and the Kids

Welcome to Kate's Kids After-School Acting Program! We offer child-centered acting class, camps, and workshops for downtown families, where our emphasis is on process, not product. Our classes are small with the student:teacher ratio being 6:1. There is lots of one-on-one attention, emotional development & growth, and nurturing in a safe, fun, and imaginative environment. We teach the building blocks of theater arts in a fun, creative, child-centered way. Our lessons involve listening, team building, focus & concentration, observation, speech, articulation & projection, character development, improvisation, memorization, and trust. Children are able to learn these skills through challenging theater-exercises (or games) while having a really great time! We bring the true meaning and definition of the word "play" back into focus.

"I'm a mom with three kids, and we started in my apartment."

In recent years, I sought out a way to use my passion for theatre to help kids. By January 2013, I knew I had to reinvent myself as a teacher. Long story short, I’m a mom with three kids, and we started in my apartment. I really wanted to give as much of my attention as I could to teaching and caring for these kids. I felt like they were my own! So naturally, I named my business “Kate’s Kids Acting.” So far my clientele has grown by 1000% having started with 13 kids and growing to 130 per year. With that number, I moved to the Player’s Theater (which I call my second home), and I stuck there ever since. Simply put, I’m a happy woman and a proud teacher.

Gracie and the Kids


"My 9 year old son adores Kate's Kids Acting. We have put him in multiple classes, including Tada and Atlantic Acting...thinking a more traditional acting environment would be good. But Kate's is the best, giving him freedom to explore, be silly, and learn to love the stage."

Thanks a ton! I hope your son continues to enjoy our classes at Kate's Kids :)

Note from Kate!

Last Updated: March 26th, 2017


There will be no classes this week, Monday-Friday from March 27th until March 31st. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my email address listed under Contact in the Navigation Bar.

Also, SPRING BREAK CAMP is coming soon: occurring April 10th until April 18th (excluding the weekend). You can sign-up at this time under the "Registration" tab. It will last from 9am until 3pm with after care available. Prices are $100 per day with an optional $25 fee for aftercare until 5:15 pm. We'll play fun theater games, improvs, etc. Please provide your child with lunch and snacks.

Again, if you have any additional questions, please reach out to us!

Wishing you the best. Watch out for upcoming Summer Camp information :)
Much warmth,"

Kate Warren