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"My 9 year old son adores Kate's Kids Acting. We have put him in multiple classes, including Tada and Atlantic Acting...thinking a more traditional acting environment would be good. But Kate's is the best, giving him freedom to explore, be silly, and learn to love the stage."
"Kate's kids is a great place for kids to explore creativity, expression, communication and collaboration. Our kids (three of them) have participated in classes and camps and LOVED it! In addition camps are conventiently set up for those school holidays when parents are hard pressed to find active creative constructive ways to keep their kids occupied- a great time for kids and a great solution for working parents. Highly recommend!"
"My 8 year old daughter, bound in saying, 'I loved today!!' She had spent eight hours at Kate’s Kids Acting camp. She went on about how she and her 'friends' (all new to her this day) and she wrote a play, acted, directed, created a dance to the song she chose, The Best Day of My Life...All said with exuberance and sincerity. This is not [her] first experience with Kate’s Kids. For the past three years she has taken classes after school with Kate. It is always her favorite day of the week. She gets to be her silliest, most creative self amongst a small group of diverse peers and warm, welcoming adults. Each class, students and adults appear to deeply bond in a fun, natural, productive way. Kate is great! She has a special way of connecting to kids, one that is natural, lively and animated. Each group comes to see, support and encourage each other’s creative expression, building a level of trust with a peer group that is unique and special. The spirit and pride at the end of their first show is astounding; I cried!"
"My daughter fell in love with Kate's Kids Acting from the very first class she tried over a year ago. Not only does she have a great time but she has learned a ton and (to my surprise) even developed confidence speaking in front of others. This is an important life skill that has already benefited her in school. Kate is very child-focused and knows how to bring out the best in her students. Highly recommended!"
"My son loves Kate's class! Kate's fun, yet structured, class has helped unleash my son's imagination, creative language, sharp thinking, silliness and so much more. He looks forward to her class every week and always leaves with a smile and lots of good stories about the fun they had. Highly recommended!!!"
"My daughter is now taking her second semester of classes with Kate. She has really helped my daughter come out of her shell and be more confident. She went from a shy girl to one who loves to get up in front of a group and express herself. She looks forward to going to class every week and has nothing but good things to say about it. It's her favorite activity. The show that the kids put on at the end of the semester is truly precious too. I highly recommend this class!"
"I'm actually a teacher here at Kate's Kids Acting. Kate's is an environment --truly--where anything can happen for these kids! Since Kate's a relatively new foundation, the organization has really evolved, and I have loved working with these brilliantly talented kids. Kate's encourages fresh faces to the "theatre scene" to participate in artistically enriching activities. I not only highly recommend this camp, but I beg all parents: introduce your kids to the best, affordable, up-and-coming acting camp around!!"
"My daughter has really enjoyed Kate's Kids acting classes and has learned a tremendous amount. She has a great time there!"
"My son loves Kate's acting class! He has a lot of fun with the games and improvisations, and really enjoys getting into a character and learning his lines. He looks forward to class every week. Highly recommended!"
"Two of my boys (ages 6 & 10) have taken Kate's classes and LOVED them! Kate is a joy and always finds the magic in what the kids are doing. Her enthusiasm is contagious and the kids have a blast. My younger one has even done a couple 'acting' gigs since taking her class. Thanks Kate!!"
"Both of my daughters, ages 5 and 9 go to Kate's classes and love them. My older daughter has an interest in acting and the class has helped to deepen her understanding of the craft. Classes are a mix of improvisation and acting games as well as working on scenes, memorizing lines, preparing for a show and a final performance. My younger daughter is shy and the class has been a great way for her to come out of her shell, practice being brave and work through her fears of performing. In both cases it feels like the class provided each child with exactly what they needed. They both always look forward to going and will continue. Highly highly recommended!"
"My two kids (8 & 5) have attended summer camps and school break camps with Kate's Kids and have always had a wonderful experience. Kate and her staff are all good with little kids and big ones with a range of personalities and experience levels. Kate also really understands kids' energy, moods, and rhythms, and schedules camp days accordingly (so there is a good balance between outdoor and indoor time, structured lessons and free play, etc). I should also say that because of Kate my daughter has decided she loves Shakespeare! A great program!"
"I can't say enough good things about Kate's Kids. My 6 year old daughter loves every minute of class. And I love that she has this outlet to experiment with expressing emotions and ideas. All the great acting stuff is gravy."